Painted Ladies Services - Permanent Makeup Tattoos



Enhanced with natural, soft hair simulation to fill sparse areas or brow recreation. Each procedure is symmetrically designed to frame your face.


Soft and natural or a more dramatic look.

Lash Enhancement

Color applied in the lashline to make lashes appear fuller.


Enhance natural lip line with color. Redefine uneven or thin lips, or simply add more fullness. Lipliner is wonderful for minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and keeps lipstick from bleeding.

Full Lip Color

Applied to look natural or with more color. Wear it alone with lip gloss or apply color over it. You'll find your color will last all day!

Beauty Marks

They are back in style!

Camouflage and Corrective

Cover a scar or freckle. Priced hourly.

Areola Repigmentation

Priced hourly.

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Permanent Makeup Applicators

MADE IN AMERICA since 1999

Our Hand Tools are manufactured using only the finest Long English Tapered Needles and sterilized for one time use in autoclaved envelopes meeting the highest standards of sterilization. These are very fine needles that will cause little trauma while leaving lots of pigment where you need it.

These hand made applicators are a cost effective way to get quality work.
Discounts available in quantity.
Custom orders can be made by request at